Medicine Personal Statements/Portfolios

Last updated: 14/11/2020

A personal statement usually describes your motives, commitment and suitability to medicine and evidence for these. A small number of universities require a personal statement as part of their admissions process.

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James Cook University

A personal statement is required and considered for interview selection and final selection. Four questions must be answered around the motives for becoming a medical practitioner, activities (other than studies) that indicate the motivation to study medicine, why you are interested in a course which has a focus on indigenous health, tropical health and rural medicine, and any other information that supports your application.

Macquarie University

A personal statement is taken into account (hurdle requirement) for interview selection, but not for the final selection. This involves responding briefly to three questions relevant to the programme.

University of Notre Dame (both Sydney and Fremantle campuses)

A personal statement (4,800 characters maximum) is required as part of the admissions portfolio and is taken into account for invitation to the interview and final selection. This should outline the motives for pursuing a medical career and for studying at the University of Notre Dame.

University of Wollongong

A portfolio describing achievements and experiences are required and is used for interview selection and final selection. You should include “achievement, leadership, teamwork, service ethic and commitment as well as ties to regional, rural and remote communities”.

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While a personal statement is not a requirement in other universities, it is still useful to think about the topics covered in a personal statement for the following reasons:

  • These topics and questions prompt you to think about why you want to enter the medical profession, which may be immensely beneficial for your interview.
  • Many scholarships (university or external) require a personal statement of some kind.

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