Medical Admissions Roadmap

Last updated: 05/01/24

Medicine is an extremely rewarding career but is also one of the hardest disciplines to enter. The admission schemes and requirements are complicated and you face intense competition from tens of thousands of outstanding students. 

Medify fully understands the challenges and difficulties that you will face in the process of medical school admissions. That’s why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to lend you a helping hand in your journey to becoming a medical doctor.

A roadmap for you

This admission guide serves as your roadmap to a medical career in Australia and New Zealand. It takes you step-by-step through the key processes:

It features a series of useful resources developed by our team of specialists and is updated regularly to provide you with the most relevant information.

Questions you should be asking yourself

With over 20 medical schools to choose from and so many different factors to consider, you may be feeling lost.

  • Should I aim to enter a medical school straight after high school or after getting another degree?
  • How do various medical schools differ?
  • Why are there different types of places on offer and what are their implications?

These are some of the fundamental questions that you should ask yourself. Furthermore, you may even reconsider whether medicine is for you after all, and leave doors open for other healthcare professional courses such as dentistry and pharmacy.

What's in Step One?

In Step One, we’ve collated a range of useful information that covers these questions. Some of these might be a matter of preference, whereas others might shape your life during medical school and beyond. Make sure you have a good read of these before diving right in.

Medify is committed to social mobility and democratising access to medical schools. We’ve worked hard to provide an affordable and trustworthy UCAT preparation course, GAMSAT preparation course and interview preparation course. After you’ve read through our Admissions Guide, please do check out what we have on offer.

Are you interested in attending a medical school in the UK instead of Australia or New Zealand? Check out Medify’s UK Medical School Admissions Guide.

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