New Zealand Medical Schools

Last updated: 21/07/2021

University of Auckland and University of Otago requires school leavers to apply directly to their website by early December for enrolment into Bachelor of Health Sciences (University of Auckland), Bachelor of Science in biomedical science (University of Auckland) or Health Sciences First Year (University of Otago). For this, you won’t need UCAT ANZ scores or an interview of any kind.

The timeline below applies for students already enrolled in the first year of one of the programmes above. This is when you will be required to sit the UCAT ANZ (for both universities) and be invited to an MMI (for University of Auckland only).



Early March

UCAT ANZ registration opens

Mid May

UCAT ANZ registration closes


UCAT ANZ testing dates


Applications close (University of Otago)


Applications close (University of Auckland)


MMI (University of Auckland only)


Offers released


Additional offers made for applicants on the waiting list


Programme commencement

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