Medical School Requirements

Last updated: 13/11/2020

After you’ve explored the options for medical education in Australia and New Zealand, you should start preparing yourself for various requirements. At this stage, you may already have a dream medical school in mind. Alternatively, you may want to just think about getting an offer from any medical school. The admission criteria are generally similar across different universities within direct entry and graduate entry categories, so you won’t be disadvantaged either way. Whatever your situation is, it is recommended to start preparing early - slow and steady wins the race.

In Step Three, we cover more detailed information on a range of admission criteria that may be required for medical schools in Australia and New Zealand, how they may be calculated or assessed, and how to maximise your chances of success in each.

Usually required for direct entry

Usually required for graduate entry

Usually required for direct and graduate entry

May be required for direct or graduate entry

Others: situational judgement test, personal qualities assessment, medical admission questionnaire

Are you interested in attending a medical school in the UK instead of Australia or New Zealand? Check out Medify’s UK Medical School Admissions Guide.

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